Massage in the workplace - why do you need it?

Did you know that the biggest single cause of work-related illnesses is musculoskeletal disorders - simply put, bad backs, aching joints and stiff necks? Closely followed by illness linked to stress, anxiety and depression. Together, these account for over 75% of all illness in the workplace.

The result? Staff absence, low morale and lower productivity. Not a situation which any manager or business owner wants.

But this can be alleviated through the quick, simple and cost effective introduction of on-site massage, as Sara Branch from Relax and Revive knows only too well. She has worked with many businesses and sees the benefits every time.

What is on-site massage?

On-site (or chair) massage is a well-established and proven therapy - it’s been around since 1986 when David Palmer created the first specialised chair and started training practitioners.

It allows staff and businesses to reap the multiple benefits of massage with minimum disruption to the working day. The massage is delivered at the workplace, no specialist clothing is needed and it takes just 20 minutes. Afterwards, staff return to work - no showers or change of clothes required.

What does a typical on-site massage involve?

The chair is set up in a quiet room with relaxing music. The client completes a short questionnaire, which is discussed with Sara to highlight any problem areas such as a stiff shoulder or tight neck.

The massage then takes place - fully clothed - in a specially designed chair. Sara concentrates on the back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck and head, which are the key areas of tension caused by most desk based jobs. The session takes just 20 minutes to complete and no oils are used - it’s quick and mess-free.

How does massage reduce stress and improve the work place?

Most people know that a massage feels good, but may not know why. Research has shown that massage has a direct impact on lowering stress hormones, it boosts the feel-good neurotransmitters and it switches on our ‘Rest and Digest’ response, helping the body to reach a more balanced state.

How will my business benefit?

On-site massage is an effective and efficient way to improve staff wellbeing. They feel valued, with lower levels of stress which improves creativity, productivity and social interaction.

It’s a small investment for a big return - and that is something that every business owner wants.

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